We are all perfect

in each other’s eyes

built from the ribs of our stories

not some long lost man.

We are perfect

when we fall

we are perfect when we stand

looking out over the ocean

thinking about our cat that

has passed away.

We are perfect when we

stumble down the stairs


and scrape our knees.

We are perfect when the sun sets on

the last day together

and every bone creaks

and every muscle aches

and thoughts cannot form.

Instead we stand naked and bare

goosebumps on our skin

in the ocean’s breeze

warming to life in the sun.

We are perfect

when all our scars show

and we dance with each other

laughing, laughing, laughing

our days away.

We are perfect together

in all our flaws

when we burn together

and ride until we die

braced in the skin of one


we are perfect.