Once upon a time, my old bandmate Hannah introduced me to a band called Múm who have an album entitled “Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Was OK.” I should name the album for today, “Yesterday and Today Were Dramatic, But It Will All Be OK.” Not entirely sure what is going on with this “bug” situation. I thought I woke up this morning with no new bites, but to be honest, I have so many that it ‘s hard to account for them all. I went through all the workshops at the conference today without thinking too much about them. Perhaps I just felt so engrossed with the material that I did not notice anything? Well, at some point, in the bathroom I noticed 2 bites on my legs and I could not really tell if they were new or old. So I made a decision: to be safe I would bag my luggage up and wash all my clothes again including the ones on my back this time in order to rule out bringing this whatever-it-is home with me. Unfortunately, the laundry machine takes a very long time. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ecstatic that it exists. Problem is I kind of need clothes to wear if I want to go to the conference dinner tonight.

So instead of going out and mingling with awesome professional audio geeks, tonight I sat in a towel in the kitchen of the rental apartment doing laundry. Part of me at this point is thinking: you could have done this right away and gotten at least something ready in time. Did I just resign myself to not go? Has my paralyzing anxiety gotten so bad regarding what to do with this bug situation that it clouds my assessment of the situation?

To add insult to injury, by the time I had bagged everything and cleaned with Connie, the only place to get food nearby was closed. I had thought to myself as I rode my bike past the pizza place on my way home, “Maybe I should stop there to get food for dinner.” I think I was still holding on to some dream that I would still go to the dinner so that is why I did not bother. I did not know of any other places close by and I just wanted to get the job done.

So tonight I had a banana and yogurt for dinner. Thank goodness I bought some stuff for breakfast at the grocery store. I want to talk about how awesome the conference was today, especially since Malle asked if I wanted to write something up about my experience for a sound industry blog. Yet it’s 12:45 A.M. right now and most of this evening has been wasted fretting and waiting to turn laundry.

I just want to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow.